Bethiah Collins 1816

headstone & footstone footstone

In memory of
Bethiah wife of
Capt. Joseph Collins
who died Feb. 17, 1816
in the 60 Year of her age

After a prevailing sickness of 5 days
These days of pain & nights of grief
These hours of wo & no relief
I must resign my breath
Resign my body to the grave
And trust in Christ my soul to save
From the eternal death.

B. C.

Note - Actual spelling on the stone is Collens.

The gravestone displays a lightly inscribed urn and willow. The left photo shows the headstone with the footstone in the background. The right photo shows the footstone.

LOCATION - No. NW 30 on EHS 1976 survey map

MATERIAL - slate

HEADSTONE - 15" W, 33" H, 2" D

FOOTSTONE - 9" W, 12" H, 1" D

CONDITION - horizontal cracks in headstone, lichen growth

COMMENTS - Headstone and footstone cleaned October 2004. Headstone and footstone cleaned July 2009.

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