Sophia Cobb 1833
Elisha Warren Cobb 1833

headstone & footstone footstone with base exposed footstone

In memory of
wife of
Elisha Cobb
who died
Oct. 23, 1833
aged 28 years
their child
July 27, 1833
aged 6 mos.
Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God

S. C.
E. W.

The 1976 survey lists Elisha Warren Cobb with death date of 1883 which is incorrect (confused with Elisha Cobb at NE 19 who died in 1883 at age 80). Also the 1976 survey noted the gravestone of Elisha Warren Cobb could not be found when in fact he is on the gravestone with Sophia his mother.

The Cobb footstone was present in 1976 but it was missing in 2000. The footstone shown above was found during preservation work in 2000 but it was not matched to the headstone. Instead the footstone was anchored in a cement base and placed near where it was found about 100 feet away from the Cobb headstone. The Cobb headstone style and lettering style are similar to this footstone. The footstone initials match the headstone except for a missing "C" for Elisha Warren Cobb.

In October 2007 the footstone was moved to the Sophia & Elisha Warren Cobb plot at NE 21. One photo shows the footstone with its large base exposed before it was set in place.

LOCATION - No. NE 21 on EHS 1976 survey map

MATERIAL - slate

HEADSTONE - 16" W, 45" H, 2" D

FOOTSTONE - 10" W, 13" H, 1" D

CONDITION - very good

COMMENTS - Headstone and footstone cleaned October 2007.

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