John Doane 1800

headstone & footstone tympanum

In Memory of
died April 19th 1800
in the 62d Year
of his Age

Here sleeps his dust beneath this speaking stone
In whom each grace and lively virtue shone
Remembrance weeps; our zion drops a tear,
And sacred friendship stands a mourner here.

(missing) N DOANE

The left photo shows the headstone with the footstone in the background. The tympanum photo on the right was taken before cleaning.

LOCATION - No. SE 78 on EHS 1976 survey map
MATERIAL - slate
HEADSTONE - 17" W, 24" H, 2" D
FOOTSTONE - 11" W, 12" H, 2" D
CONDITION - lichen growth
COMMENTS - Headstone and footstone cleaned in 2001. Headstone cleaned October 2004. Headstone and footstone cleaned July 2009. More cleaning is needed. The lichen is difficult to remove.

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