Michael Collings 1828

headstone & footstone footstone

Memory of
Capt Michael Collings
who died
June 23, 1828
AEt 73

Man shall rise again
triumphant from the grave to
endless bliss and immortality.
Delightful thought ! This
softens the toils of life, & we look
on Death as our best friend.

M. C.

The gravestone displays a lightly inscribed urn and willow. The left photo shows the headstone with the footstone in the background. The right photo shows the footstone.

LOCATION - No. NW 1 on EHS 1976 survey map

MATERIAL - slate

HEADSTONE - 22" W, 53" H, 2" D (overall height 75")

FOOTSTONE - 11" W, 17" H, 1" D

CONDITION - serious diagonal crack in headstone

COMMENTS - Headstone back and edges encased in resin bonded fiberglass applied about 1977. Headstone and footstone cleaned October 2004. Fiberglass backing removed October 2008. The headstone which was broken in half at the diagonal crack was bonded with epoxy adhesive October 2008. Headstone cleaned with D/2 and reset October 2008. Footstone cleaned November 2008.

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