Lusha Snow 1854

Widow of
Gideon S. Snow
died July 25, 1854
AE. 82 yrs. & 2 m's.

Thou hast left us Mother, each kind word
and deed of thine shall with us live and
though our hearts at thy departure bleed
thou hast left us a bright example and as
a ripe sheaf brought home where no
rude hand or harsh word can come, and
where thou art free from sorrow pain
and death, we thy children will strive to
meet you there and in the morning of His
resurrection greet each other in heaven.

Gone gone and mist thou art
Oft shall we think of thee
While our life's stormy way we pass
Remember'd thou will be
Thy children dear are sad
And left on earth to mourn
For thou hast gone from them away
To thine eternal home.

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