Orlando Linnell 1853

full stone tympanum

Lost from on board
Schooner River Queen
bound from Richmond, Va.
to Providence, R. I.
Oct. 1, 1853
Aged 30 years & 10 mo's.

Rest loved one, rest beneath the billow's swell
Where tongues ne'er spoke where sunlight never fell
Rest till the God who gave thee to the deep
Rouse thee, triumphant from the long long sleep
And you whose hearts are bleeding, who deplore
That ye must see Orlando's face no more
Weep - he was worthy of the purest grief
Weep - in such sorrow ye shall find relief
While o'er his doom the bitter tear ye shed
Memory shall trace the virtues of the dead.
These cannot die! for you, for him they bloom
And scatter fragrance round his ocean tomb.

The photos of this nautical gravestone were supplied by Cynthia Moore February 2010./p>

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