Nymphas Marston 1864

monument monument

Feb. 12, 1788
May 2, 1864.

Blessed are the peace makers.

As a Man he was
modest, sincere and
upright: as a Friend.
he was faithful, con-
stant and true:
as a Judge
he was able, impartial
and sympathetic: the
Protector of the Widow
and Orphan.

"I was father to the Poor:
and the cause which I liken not
I searched out."

Graduated at
Harvard College in 1807.
Appointed Judge of
Probate for Barnstable
County Feb. 1828
and resigned that office
Dec. 1854.

A learned Lawyer:
a wise and discreet
Counsellor: a persua-
sive and winning advo-
cate: richly furnished
for all the contests of
the Bar. He sought no pro-
fessional triumphs at
the expense of Truth or
the sacrifices of Justice
and won his highest dis-
tinction in settling dif-
ferences and in compos-
ing strifes.

The photos were supplied by Cynthia Moore May 2010.

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