Nymphas Marston 1788

In Memory of
Nymphas Marston, Esq
who died Feb'y 11th 1788
on the anniversary of his birth aged 60

Sobriety and attention to his studies marked the course
of his academic education received at Yale College,
the honours of which were conferred on him in the years 1749 and 1752.
In 1760 he was appointed as Magistrate.
For a long course of years he sustained
the first offices in the town and was of their delegates
at the Convention for ratifying the Federal Constitution
where he was seized with the disorder
which put an end to his life.

He was a fearer of God,
a serious but not a bigoted christian.
He was moderate in prosperity and patient in adversity,
a kind husband, fond parent & indulgent master
in his house, affable to his neighbors,
generous to his friends and relatives,
charitable to the poor and just to all.

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