Maria Otis 1826

The monument of Maria Otis widow of Joseph Otis Esq
whose remains were buried here Jan'y 10th 1827

To superior excellence of mind and character which rendered her
an ornament of the social sircle and delight of her friends.
In her were added the faithful performance of the duties
of a pious, long exemplary life and also the virtues and graces that adorn the church
of which she was a distinguished member in this parish nearly 57 years.
In her early youth she became a member of the church of which
her father Rev'd Nathaniel Walter of Roxbury was Pastor.
She died at Hingham deeply lamented by her numerous descendants
September 19th 1826 in the 84th year of her age
in the joyful hope of rising in the likeness of her Glorious Redeemer.

'Tis past, dear venerable shade farewell
Thy blameless life, thy peaceful death shall tell,
Clear to the last thy setting orb has run
Pure bright and healthy like a winter sun,
And late old age with hand indulgent shed
Its wildest lustre on the favored head,
For Heaven prolonged her life to spread its praise
And bless her with a patriarch's length of days
The truest praise was her's - a cheerful heart,
Prone to enjoy and ready to impart.
An Israelite indeed and free from guile,
She showed that piety and age could smile.
Religion has her heart, her cares, her voice,
'Twas her last refuge as her earliest choice,
To holy Anna's spirit not more dear,
The Church of Israel and the house of prayer.
Her spreading offspring of the third degree
Filler her fond arms and clasped her aged knee,
Matured at length for some more perfect scene,
Her hopes all bright her prospects all serene,
Like a tired traveller with sleep opprest,
Within her children's arms she dropped to rest.
Farewell thy cherished image ever dear
Shall many a heart with pious love revere.

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