Jonathan Russell 1759

Here lies interred the body of
Rev JONATHAN RUSSELL who was first ordained
Pastor of the Church in Barnstable 29th October 1712
Successor to his ever memorable father whose name he bore
and afterwards on the division of the Town into two precincts
he chose the Western Parish and
the pastor of the church there about 40 years
serving the Lord with all humility of mind and life
and was had in great esteem and reveration among his people
& of good report of all that knew him
for his conspicuous piety, tenderness, patience, probity, sincereity
and other virtues of the Christian;
for his vigilance, peacebleness and faithfulness as a Pastor
and for his plain scriptural, judicious & profitable preaching
who deceased Sep'r 10 1759 AEtat 70.
His church & people did him honour at his death
and were at the expense of his funeral and this monument

The inscription format is approximate.

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