Zeno Scudder 1857

headstone headstone

born August 18, 1807
died June 26, 1857

(back side)
Mr. Scudder began his career as a sailor. This vocation he relinquished
for mercantile pursuits but was soon compelled by an affliction
to change his plan of life and turned his attention successively
to the study of Medicine and Law. In the latter profession he
became a devoted student, and an able counsellor. He was
admitted to the Bar in 1836; in 1846 and 1847 he was a
member and in 1848 the President of the Senate of Massachusetts.
He was Representative in the 32d Congress of the U. S. and
was elected to the 33d Congress but prevented from taking
his seat by an accident which prostrated him in the midst of
his happiness and hopes and from that time he lingered
a constant sufferer to the hour of his departure.
The continued confidence and honorable preferments of an
honest, enterprising and intelligent community bear ample
testimony to the private and public virtues of the deceased,
to his moral purity and his intellectual ability.

The left photo was supplied by Caryn VanBuskirk Bowles June 2006. The right photo was taken by Cynthia Moore March 2010.

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