Benjamin Paine 1716/17 (probable)
(aka Fieldstone Grave Marker F5-2005)

flush fieldstone before cleaning fieldstone upright fieldstone upright Paine fieldstones

This fieldstone grave marker has no visible inscription. However, it probably is the headstone of Benjamin Paine (1716/17). Eastham vital records indicate that Benjamin Paine was born May 18, 1714 son of John and Bennet Paine and that he died January 14, 1716/17 at age 2 years, 8 months. Benjamin was named for his older brother Benjamin (1713) who died 5 months before Benjamin was born. His mother Bennet Paine (1716) is buried nearby.

See Bennet Paine (1716) or Benjamin Paine (1713) for a photo showing the grouping of Pine fieldstone gravestones.

For many years this fieldstone was flush to the ground as shown in the top left photo. In July 2005 the stone was completely uncovered as shown in the top right photo. It was raised to its original upright position as shown in the bottom left photo. The bottom right photo shows the probable Benjamine Paine headstone in the foreground with Benjamin Paine (1713) in the background.

The 1905 Cove survey lists Ben Paine (1716). The 1976 EHS survey attributed a fieldstone at Location 35 to Ben Paine (1716). After this fieldstone at Location 35 was cleaned in October 2004 the inscription BARN FREMAN (1736) was revealed. No stone for Ben Paine could be found. A search did discover nearby the fieldstone shown on this page. This fieldstone is directly south of Benjamin Paine (1713). It is next to Marcy Freman (1736) who is a grandchild of Bennet Paine.

LOCATION - Between No. 31 and No. 32 on EHS 1976 Cove survey map

MATERIAL - fieldstone

HEADSTONE - 10" W, 12" H, 4" D



COMMENTS - Fieldstone uncovered, cleaned and set upright July 2005. Stone cleaned with D/2, treated with surface consolidant and reset October 2008.

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