Unidentified Fieldstone Grave Marker (F12-2007)

buried fieldstone upright fieldstone Mulford group

This is one of four unidentified fieldstones found flush to the ground between the slate gravestones of Jamima Mulford (d1723) and Thomas Mulford (d 1706). The top left photo shows the stone uncovered. Top right shows the stone in upright position. Dimensions of the upright stone are 6" W, 6" H and 4" D. It is located 27" north of the Thomas Mulford (d1706) footstone.

The bottom photo shows from left to right the slate headstone of Jamima Mulford (d1723), F9-2005 fieldstone, F10-2005 fieldstone, F11-2005 fieldstone, this F12-2007 fieldstone and the slate footstone and headstone of Thomas Mulford (d1706). The headstone and footstone of John Mulford (d1730) are out of the photo directly to the left of his wife Jamima.

The four unidentified fieldstones probably mark Mulford graves. For example, Hannah Mulford who was the wife of Thomas Mulford died in Eastham in 1717/18. One of the fieldstones could mark her grave.

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