Unidentified Fieldstone Grave Marker (F3-2005)

uncovered fieldstone upright fieldstone

This fieldstone was flush to the ground located aout 7' northeast of Daniel Doane (d1712) who is at Location 36 on the EHS 1976 Cove survey map. In July 2005 the fieldstone was uncovered as shown in the left photo. The Daniel Doane headstone is shown in the right background of the left photo.

The fieldstone was cleaned and placed upright as shown in the right photo. There are two major pieces. Dimensions of the entire stone are 14" H, 22" W and 4" D. Dimensions exposed after the stone was set in place are 10" H, 22" W and 4" D. The stone was placed facing west. Small stone fragments found during excavation were placed in a plastic bag and buried directly behind the stone (east side).

There is no visible inscription on the fieldstone. It could be a Doane grave marker dating from as early as the late 1600's. Nearby is the original gravestone of Daniel Doane (d1712) and a monument to John Doane who died in 1685.

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