Unidentified Fieldstone Grave Marker (F8-2005)

fieldstone uncovered stone stone fragments & footstone footstone

This fieldstone flush to the ground as shown in the top left photo is located about 32 feet east of the Daniel Doane (d1712) headstone at Location No. 36 on the 1976 survey map. It is near the back (east) border of the cemetery. The stone was uncovered July 2005 as shown in the top right photo. It has the size and shape of a fieldstone footstone.

Many stone fragments were found under and adjacent to this stone. These fragments appear to be the remnants of a larger stone probably a headstone. The fallen headstone was broken apart by bittersweet roots which penetrated the stone. The bottom left photo shows the collected fragments. These fragments were buried a few inches west of the footstone.

The bottom right photo shows the footstone placed in an upright position facing west. The above ground footstone dimensions are 9" W, 11" H, 5" D. There is no visible inscription.

No record was made of this stone in previous surveys starting back about 1875. The stone probably has been covered since 1850 or earlier. The burial probably took place in the late 1600's or early 1700's.

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