Azubiah Cole 1820

headstone & footstone headstone tympanum

In memory of
Mrs. Azubiah
wife of
Mr. Timothy Cole
she died Oct. 5
1820 AEt. 46

Few are the days & short the hours,
of our expected bliss;
Mourn not for me my husband dear,
For I am gone to rest.

The top left photo shows the headstone with the footstone in the background. The top right photo shows the headstone after conservation in October 2007. See the comments section below.

LOCATION - No. NW 40 on EHS 1976 survey map
MATERIAL - brownstone sandstone
HEADSTONE - 18" W, 35" H, 3" D
FOOTSTONE - 12" W, 21" H, 2" D
CONDITION - Part of headstone face has delaminated. Part of footstone face with inscription has delaminated.
COMMENTS - In July 2002 the headstone and footstone were cleaned and mortar was applied to seal cracks. In October 2007 the headstone was excavated. Two pieces of the insription surface which were buried were found. These pieces were bonded in place with mortar. Old mortar which had come loose was repaced with new mortar. The headstone was cleaned, treated with consolidant to strengthen the surface and reset. Footstone cleaned November 2007.

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