Jonathan Doane 1780

headstone tympanum

In Memory of
Jonathan Doane Esq
who Died Jan'y Ye 24th 1780
in the 78th Year
of his Age

Here lies my Body disolv'd to Dust
In hope to rise amongst the just

The gravestone displays a skull with no wings, no lower jaw and deep, irregular eye sockets. The large crossed bones under the skull give the appearance of a pirate flag. The gravestone is carved in the style of the Geyer or Homer carvers of Boston.

LOCATION - No. SE 54 on EHS survey map

MATERIAL - slate

HEADSTONE - 19" W, 28" H, 2" D


CONDITION - horizontal and vertical cracks

COMMENTS - Headstone back and edges encased in resin bonded fiberglass applied about 1977. Headstone cleaned September 2004. Fiberglass backing removed October 2008. Headstone cleaned with D/2 and reset October 2008.

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