Barnabas Freman 1736

fieldstone fieldstone before cleaning fieldstone


Heavy lichen growth was removed from this fieldstone October 2004 to reveal the above inscription. The fieldstone was raised up for the bottom photo.

Researchers indicate Barnabas was the 11th of 12 children born to Samuel Freeman (1751) and Mary (Paine) Freeman (1770). Barnabas died October 8, 1736 at age 3. Their next and last child born February 1737 also was named Barnabas. He died in 1781 and is buried in Bridge Road Cemetery.

The fieldstone grave marker of Barnabas 1736 is very similar in lettering and inscription format to the fieldstone marker of his sister Marcy Freman who died a month later on November 5, 1736. Marcy's stone is next to Barnabas. Barnabas and Marcy were grandchildren of Bennet Paine (1716).

In the 1976 survey this fieldstone at Location 35 was attributed to Ben Paine (1716). The cleaning October 2004 revealed this stone displays Barn Freman not Ben Paine.

LOCATION - No. 35 on EHS 1976 Cove survey map

MATERIAL - fieldstone

HEADSTONE - 9" W, 9" H, 4" D (18" H after raised being up)


CONDITION - lichen growth

COMMENTS - Headstone cleaned October 2004. Headstone cleaned with D/2, treated with surface consolidant and reset October 2008.

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