Mary Freeman 1770

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In Memory of
Widow of
Deacon Samuel Freeman
Died 5th March 1770
Aged 76 Years

Mary (Paine) Freeman is the daughter of Bennet Paine (1716). Mary's children Barnabas Freeman (1736) and Marcy Freeman (1736) are buried in marked graves near their grandmother Bennet Paine.

The three footstone fragments in the bottom right photo were found near the headstone in July 2000. They are delaminated so there are no markings but they most likely belong to Mary Freeman. The three fragments were kept in Town Hall for a few years and then they were set directly behind the Mary Freeman headstone.

LOCATION - No. 1 on EHS 1976 Cove survey map

MATERIAL - slate

HEADSTONE - 19" W, 20" H, 2" D

FOOTSTONE - three fragments set directly behind headstone

CONDITION - lichen growth

COMMENTS - The two top photos show the results of several cleanings with D/2 Biological Solution from 2006 to 2010. The headstone back and edges were encased in resin bonded fiberglass applied in 1977. The fiberglass backing removed October 2008.

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