Alice Freeman 1779


Dau'r of Barnabas &
Bethiah Freeman
Died Feb'y 1st 1779
Aged 2 Years

A. F.

The headstone displays a winged skull with long teeth set in a scary smile. The skull has deep gouged eye sockets and nose. The headstone is carved in the style of the Geyer carvers of Boston.

LOCATION - No. SE 20 on EHS 1976 survey map
MATERIAL - slate
HEADSTONE - 17" W, 23" H, 1" D
FOOTSTONE - 10" W, 11" H, 1" D
CONDITION - Headstone has major cracks and areas of delamination.
COMMENTS - Headstone back and edges encased in resin bonded fiberglass applied about 1977. Headstone cleaned October 2004. In October 2007 mortar was applied to fill a large void on the front of the stone. The fiberglass backing was not removed. The headstone was cleaned. Footstone cleaned June 2009.

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