Joel Doane 1781

headstone footstone & headstone

In Memory of
who died Jan'ry 28
in the 27th Year of
his Age

Mr J. D.

The left photo shows the headstone. Most of the headstone face delaminated and was lost sometime after 1976. The right photo shows the footstone with the headstone in the background. The headstone inscription information is from the 1976 EHS survey. The grave can be identified now only from the footstone.

LOCATION - No. SE 76 on EHS 1976 survey map
MATERIAL - slate
HEADSTONE - 19" W, 16" H, 1" D
FOOTSTONE - 13" W, 16" H, 1" D
CONDITION - Most of the face of the headstone has delaminated and is gone.
COMMENTS - The footstone was aligned and reset behind the headstone June 2007. In October 2007 mortar was applied to the edge of the remaining headstone inscription surface. This will prevent water penetration which would cause more surface delamination. Headstone and footstone cleaned November 2007.

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