Hannah Knowles 1823

headstone headstone & footstone

In memory of
wid' of
Mr. Seth Knowles
who died July 6, 1823
AEt. 67

The second Adam will restore
The ruins of the first
Hosanna to that sovreign power
That renovates our dust

H. K.

The gravestone displays a lightly carved urn and willow. The right photo shows the headstone with the footstone in the background.

LOCATION - No. SE 2 on EHS survey map
MATERIAL - brownstone sandstone headstone, slate footstone
HEADSTONE - 21" W, 46" H, 2" D
FOOTSTONE - 12" W, 14" H, 1" D
CONDITION - surface erosion
COMMENTS - Headstone was cleaned and treated with stone surface consolidant in October 2001. In October 2007 the headstone was excavated, cleaned and reset. Then the stone was treated with consolidant to strengthen the stone surface. Footstone cleaned November 2007.

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