Mary Hedge 1714

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(missing prior to 1876)


In the 1905 survey a footstone with the initials "M H" was found. There was no matching headstone. This footstone was not found in the 1976 survey. In 2000 a footstone fragment with the letter "H" was found buried near other Hedge gravestones. In 2007 another footstone fragment with the letter "M" was found buried about 6" deep near other Hedge gravestones. The "M" fragment fits exactly with the "H" fragment. This must be the "MH" footstone from 1905. It is shown in the top photo.

Originally there must have been a headstone paired with the "MH" footstone. This headstone was gone before the first known Cove survey which was done about 1876.

The "MH" footstone must belong to Mary Hedge who was born November 20, 1701 and died May 17, 1714, two days before the death of her father Samuel. She was the second child of Samuel Hedge (d1714) who is at Location 27 (far left headstone in the shade in second photo) and his wife Grace (Snow) Hedge. Their first child is Thankfull (d1713) at Location 29 (third headstone from left in second photo) and their third child is Samuel (d1709) at Location 28 (second headstone from left in the second photo). Mary's footstone is placed at the far right in line with the other footstones. We do not know where the mother Grace Hedge is buried.

The bottom photo shows the Hedge footstones with the headstones in the background. From left to right they are Mary's footstone, sister Thanfull's headstone & footstone, brother Samuel's headstone & footstone and father Samuel's heastone (father Samuel's footstone is missing).

LOCATION - 3' east of No. 29 on EHS 1976 Cove survey map
MATERIAL - slate
FOOTSTONE - 10" W, 12" H, 1" D
CONDITION - broken footstone in two pieces found in 2000 and 2007
COMMENTS - Footstone cleaned with D/2 in October 2008.

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