Margery Knowles 1777

broken headstone & footstone

In Memory of
Daughter of David &
Elizabeth Knowles
Died Nov'r 24th 1777
Aged 5 Years

M. K.

The inscription is from the 1976 EHS survey records. Only the last two lines of the inscription are displayed on the broken headstone. The photo shows the headstone with the footstone in the background.

LOCATION - No. SE 7 on EHS 1976 survey map

MATERIAL - slate

HEADSTONE - 18" W, 9" H, 1" D

FOOTSTONE - 11" W, 17" H, 2" D

CONDITION - Most of headstone is missing.

COMMENTS - Footstone cleaned, bonded and reset in 2000. Broken headstone cleaned September 2004. Footstone cleaned June 2009.

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