Mercy (Southworth) Freeman 1712

footstone footstone footstone & headstone headstone


The stone in the top photos is thought to be a footstone because it lines up next to the footstone for Deacon Samuel Freeman (d1712). Mercy (Southworth) Freeman was the wife of Deacon Samuel Freeman. This name agrees with the "M F" on the stone. It has been reported that Mercy died November 25, 1712 just five days after her husband at about age 74. The top left photo shows the footstone before treatment in October 2008. The top right photo shows the stone after cleaning with D/2 and treatment with surface consolidant.

The bottom left photo shows the footstone in the foreground and the apparent headstone in the background. The bottom right photo shows the apparent headstone. There is no visible inscription on the headstone.

It has been reported that Mercy had nine children. They include Samuel Freeman 1742 and Mercy (Freeman) Cole 1735 who both have gravestones in Cove.

The EHS 1976 Cove Cemetery survey incorrectly attributed this fieldstone to "BARN FREEMAN" with no date of death. Barnabas Freeman (d1736) actually is located at what is No. 35 on the 1976 EHS survey map.

LOCATION - No. 19 on EHS 1976 Cove survey map

MATERIAL - fieldstone

HEADSTONE - 9" W, 12" H, 4" D

FOOTSTONE - 8" W, 12" H, 5" D

CONDITION - lichen growth

COMMENTS - Headstone and footstone cleaned October 2004. Footstone cleaned with D/2 and treated with surface consolidant October 2008.

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