Bennet Paine 1716

fieldstone Paine fieldstones

1716 AGED 45

Bennet Paine's gravestone is a large fieldstone. The inscription is roughly carved and barely visible.

The other photo shows a grouping of Paine fieldstone headstones and footstones as follows:
Back left - Benjamin Paine (1713) headstone & footstone (son of Bennet)
Back right - Bennet Paine (1716) headstone (mother of Benjamin)
Front left - Benjamin Paine (1716/17) unmarked probable headstone (younger brother of Benjamin (1713))
Front center - Marcy Freeman (1736) headstone & footstone (grandchild of Bennet)
Front right - Barnabas Freeman (1736) headstone (grandchild of Bennet)

Bennet is buried next to her son Benjamin (1713) who is at Location 33 with a fieldstone grave marker.

A younger son Benjamin (1716/17) was born in 1714 and named after his older deceased brother. He most likely is buried one row to the south. We think a fieldstone with no visible inscription marks his grave. He is in a row to the left of Marcy Freman (1736) and Barnabas Freman (1736). The two Freemans are grandchildren of Bennet Paine.

Bennet was the daughter of Major John Freeman (1719) and his wife Marcy (Prence) Freeman (1711). Eastham vital records indicate Bennet was the wife of John Paine. He died in 1731 at age 70. He is buried in the old section of Orleans Cemetery. Researchers indicate that John and Bennet Paine had 12 children.

LOCATION - No. 34 on EHS 1976 Cove survey map

MATERIAL - fieldstone

HEADSTONE - 21" W, 17" H, 6" D



COMMENTS - Headstone cleaned October 2004. Headstone cleaned with D/2, treated with surface consolidant and reset October 2008.

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