Warren Sparrow 1812

headstone headstone & footstone tympanum

In Memory of
Warren Sparrow
Son of
Mr Richard &
Mrs Susan Sparrow
He was drowned July 22d 1812
aged 2 years 4 months
& 24 days
He cometh forth like a flower
& is cut down, he fleeth like
A shadow and continueth not


This gravestone was carved by Nathaniel Holmes of Barnstable who was the first well known gravestone carver located on Cape Cod. The top right photo shows the headstone with the footstone in the background.

LOCATION - No. SE 13 on EHS 1976 survey map

MATERIAL - slate

HEADSTONE - 15" W, 25" H, 1" D

FOOTSTONE - 8" W, 13" H, 1" D

CONDITION - lichen growth

COMMENTS - Footstone cleaned and reset in 2000. Headstone cleaned September 2004. Headstone cleaned June 2009.

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