Jonathan Bascom 1807
Temperance Bascom 1782
Phebe Bascom 1784


Monument is erected in memory
of the
Rev Jonathan Bascom A. M.
who was born at Lebanon, Ct. in 1740
graduated at Yale College in 1764, ordained
over the church of Christ in Orleans in 1772,
died March 8th in the 67th year of his age
and the 35th of his pastoral relation.

He was richly endowed with ministerial graces, fervent in
prayer, in doctrine, evangelical in warning, faithful in
administering consolation, affectionate, instant in season
and in success abundant.

in memory of Mrs Temperance Bascom
consort of Rev. Jonathan Bascom & dau'r of
Col. Willard Knowles of Eastham who died
April 8th 1782 in the 35th year of her age

in memory of Mrs. Phebe Bascom 2d wife of
Rev. Jonathan Bascom & dau'r of Mr. John
Taylor of Orleans who died August 16th
1784 in the 38th year of her age.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.

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