Reliance Crocker 1762


Here lies Interr'd the Remains
amiable & Virtuous Consort of the
Rev'd Mr JOSEPH CROCKER Pastor of
the first Church in this Town.
She lived desired & died much
lamented in ye 44 Year of her Age

Smitten Friends,
An Angel sent on Errands full of love
for us they languish & for us they die
and Shall they languish & Shall
they die in Vain.

The gravestone does not give the date of death which is unusual especially for such a prominent person.

In May 2011 Cherie Nagy provided the information that Reliance died June 30, 1762. She reports that Reliance was born in 1718 in Cumberland County, Maine. Reliance was the daughter of Rev. Benjamin Allen and Elizabeth Crocker (daughter of Job Crocker and Hannah Taylor). She married Rev. Joseph Crocker in Eastham on September 13, 1739.

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