Benjamin Fessenden 1746

table stone table stone

Here mouldering lies the
Reverend Benjamin Fessenden
who was born at Cambridge June 3d
1701 graduated at Harvard College
ordained minister at Sandwich
June 12th 1722 and deceased
Aug 7th 1746 Age 45. Concerning whom it may
with truth be said that he was an instance of early piety,
and in his youth made swift advances in valuable knowledge;
that, having used his best endeavors
to prepare himself for the service of the Sanctuary,
he was introduced into it with general approbation,
and employed in it to the good of others and his own comfort;
that not only as a divine he was useful,
but as a discreet and successful physician,
and that, after a long exercise of fortitude, readiness
and patience under weakness and various bodily infirmities,
he gave up the ghost with tranquility,
and rests from his trouble and labours".

This is a table top style gravestone. Most of the inscription is unreadable. Part of this inscription is from a 1908 talk by Mrs Jerome Holoway, president of the Sandwich Historical Society. A copy of the talk is available in the CCCC Library. The line breaks after line seven are approximate.

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