David Wood 1802
Edward Butler 1802
Prince Fish 1802
Henry Green 1802
Willard Hatch 1802

In memory of Capt
David Wood who
died in his 42 year in
Cape Francois Augu't 10th
1802 of the yellow
fever with 4 of his men

He's gone! the voyage of human life is o'er
And weeping friends shall see his face no more
Far from the tender'st objects of his love
He died to find a happier world above
And this monument his friends appear
To embalm his precious memory with a tear

His men who died were
Edward Butler aged 15 years
Prince Fish aged 19 years
both died Aug't 10th
Henry Green aged 20 years
Willard Hatch aged 12 years
both died Aug't 17

These hopeful youths with life are called to part
And wound afresh the tender parents' heart

This post-1800 gravestone is included for the epitaph. The tympanum image is unknown.

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