Richard F Atwood 1872


Dec. 27, 1872
AEt. 27 Y'rs. 5 M's.
& 8 D's.
Son of Richard & Temsin Atwood

This is a smallpox burial in the far corner of the cemetery. Following is the record of the meeting held in 1873 to approve this burial.

Truro March 29th 1873
At a Special Parish Meeting held in this First M. E. Church - Truro. The meeting was called to order by the Clerk. The warrant was read and Br. Jeremiah Higgins was chosen Moderator.
Prayer offered by Br. Amasa Paine.
Voted - To recall the vote of the last Annual Meeting, in reference to the burying Richard F Atwood.
Voted - That the following vote be done by taking the yeas and nays.
Voted as follows viz. That Br. Richard Atwood be permitted to bury his son Richard F Atwood in the Burying Ground of the First M. E. Parish in Truro - Providing that the grave shall be dug in the N.E. part or corner of the yard, and that the top of the coffin shall not be less than five and one half feet from the surface of the ground; and that the grave be cemented on the sides, ends, and over the top of the coffin with water cement; and also that the grave shall be enclosed with a fence.
Voted in Aff.
Amasa Paine, John Atkins, Benjamin Small, Barnabas Paine
Voted in Neg.
Samuel H Smith Jr, Richard Paine, Daniel P Higgins.
Voted - To Adjourn
Barnabas Paine, Clerk

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