The Ten Gross Sisters of Wellfleet
Daughters of Deacon Thomas & Abigail Gross

Combination of both gravestone and genealogical information
Listed in order of birth year.

Lurania (Gross) Higgins 1767 - 1856
Married Capt. Eleazer Higgins of Wellfleet
Had ten children
Buried in Wellfleet Pleasant Hill Cem. - Lot 679
Gravestone inscription
In memory of
wife of the late
Capt. Eleazer Higgins
who died July 17, 1856
AEt 89 yrs. 6 mos.
"She was one of three members that formed
the first M. E. S. in this town, and for 53
years identified herself with all its interests
to build up and extend the cause of religion
was the great object of her life: while her faith
and works were living witnesses of her profession".

Abigail (Gross) Barge 1769 - 1854
Married Thomas Barge of Scituate, Mass.
Had two children
Died March 16, 1854 in Scituate
Buried in Scituate.

Sally (Gross) Chipman 1773 - 1867
Married (1) Joseph Ryder (2) John Chipman both of Wellfleet
No children
Buried in Wellfleet Pleasant Hill Cem. - Lot 616
Gravestone inscription
Wife of Capt. John Chipman
and one of the ten daughters
of Deacon Thomas Gross
Died June 2, 1867
AEt 94 yrs. 4 mos. 4 days.
"They sleep in Jesus."

Bethiah (Gross) Dyer 1775 - 1868
Married Capt. Micah Dyer of Wellfleet
Had ten children
Buried in Wellfleet Pleasant Hill Cem. - Lot 626
Gravestone inscription
Wife of Capt. Micah Dyer
Died March 30, 1868
AEt 92 years 10 mos.
"Now I do see and hear and know
All I desired or wished below,
And every hour find sweet employ
In this eternal world of joy".

Rebecca (Gross) Barnicoat 1783 - 1862
Married Capt. John Barnicoat
Had one child
Died February 21, 1862 in Charlestown, Mass.
Probably buried in Charlestown.

Mary (Gross) Otheman 1785 - 1876
Married (1) Frank Catrwright of Newburyport (2) Rev. Bartholomew Otheman
Had four children
Died in Duxbury, Mass.
Buried in Wellfleet Pleasant Hill Cem. - Lot 316
Gravestone inscription
Mrs. MARY S.
Wife of Rev. Bartholomew Otheman
Daughter of the late Deacon Thomas Gross
Died in Duxbury, Mass.
March 26, 1876
AEt 90 yrs. & 9 dys.

Cynthia (Gross) Atwood 1786 - 1865
Married Dr. Richard Atwood of Wellfleet
Had three children
Buried in Wellfleet Pleasant Hill Cem. - Lot 718A
Gravestone inscription
Wife of Richard Atwood
Died Jan. 17, 1865
AEt 78 yrs. 6 mos. 13 days.

Thankful (Gross) Willard 1788 - 1872
Married Elijah Willard
Had ten children
Died August 6, 1872 in Saugus, Mass.
Buried in Saugus Riverside Cem., Old Section Lots 91-92

Deborah (Gross) Paine 1789 - 1882
Married (1) Daniel Paine (2) Richard Paine both of Truro
Buried in Truro Methodist Cem.
Gravestone inscription
Died Sept. 10, 1882
AEt 93 yrs.
"The last of ten sisters
For I know that my Redeemer liveth."

Miriam (or Maria) (Gross) Atkins 1794 - 1877
Married Freeman Atkins of Provincetown
Had two children
Buried in Provincetown Cem. #2
Gravestone inscription
Wife of Freeman Atkins
& daughter of Deacon Thomas Gross
Born August 27, 1794
Died March 28, 1877.

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