Mehitable Cook Ghen 1875
John Smyth 1837
Edmund Smyth 1879
Alonzo Smyth 1885
John Thomas Smyth 1901
Samuel Parker 1850

Mehitable Cook Ghen
Born in Provincetown Sept 15, 1812
died in Provincetown May 2, 1875
She was the eldest child of Thomas Ghen,
a son of Samuel Ghen
who came to Provincetown
from Greenboro, Md. about 1780.
Thomas, his father, went from Northumberland County, Va.
to Greensboro about 1751.

She married first John Smyth
who was born in Provincetown, Mch. 6, 1809
and died in Clinton, Me. Feb. 28, 1837.
He was the son of Edmund.
Born in Chatham Jan. 26, 1765.

Children of John and Mehitable
Edmund born in Provincetown Jan. 26, 1832
and died in Provincetown Apl. 25, 1879
Alonzo born in Provincetown June 26, 1833
and died in Cohasset, Mass Sept. 11, 1885
John Thomas born in Clinton, Me. July 13, 1837
died in Boston, Mass. Feb 5, 1901

She married second,
in Provincetown, Mch. 13, 1846,
Samuel Parker
who died Apl. 21, 1850
ae 64 yrs. 5 ms.

This is a good example of a gravestone with extensive genealogical information. Inscription format is approximate.

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