Literature References

Some interesting references concerning colonial stonecarvers and the meaning of the carved images are as follows:

"from Slate to Marble, Gravestone Carving Traditions in Eastern Massachusetts, 1770 - 1870" by James Blachowicz, published by Graver Press, 2006. This book includes a definitive study of 55 stone carvers by Professor Blachowicz of Loyola University. There are about 1000 outstanding gravestone photographs in the book and on the CD included with the book.

"The Masks of Orthodoxy" by Peter Benes, 1977

"Gravestones of Early New England" by Harriette Merrifield Forbes, 1927

"Graven Images" by Allen Ludwig, 1966

"Gravestone Chronicles Vol I & II" by Theodore Chase & Laurel Gabel, 1997

"Puritan Gravestone Art - The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife
Annual Proceedings 1976"
edited by Peter Benes, 1976

"Puritan Gravestone Art II - The Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife
Annual Proceedings 1978"
edited by Peter Benes, 1978

"Epitaph & Icon" by Diana George & Malcolm Nelson, 1983

"The Puritan Way of Death" by David Stannard, 1977

"Memorials for Children of Change" by Dickran & Ann Tashjian, 1974

Markers Annual Journal published by The Association for Gravestone Studies, 278 Main Street, Greenfield, MA 01301

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