17th, 18th & 19th Century
Gravestone Carvers
Represented in Barnstable County, MA

Many stone carvers supplied gravestones to Barnstable County. The gravestones generally were not signed making it difficult to assign specific gravestones to individual carvers. Experts can identify gravestone carvers by examination of carving styles and by research of sources such as probate records.

Literature indicates the carvers on the list below were gravestone suppliers to Cape Cod. Often several generations of the same family were carvers. An apprentice carver would start by copying the style of the master carver who was his teacher. Less talented carvers copied the styles and designs of more creative carvers.

The listing below is divided into three sections

17th and 18th century gravestone carvers represented on Cape Cod
19th century local Cape Cod gravestone carvers
Gravestones grouped by style where carvers mostly have not been identified.

The gravestone carver names in each section are listed in alphabetical order. Each carver name is linked to a carver page with a description of the carver. The carver pages have links to gravestones most likely produced by or in the style of the carver.

Note the links at the bottom of this page to a discussion of the meaning of the gravestone carved images and to literature references about the gravestone carvers.

  17th & 18th Century Gravestone Carvers
Represented on Cape Cod
  Adams   Kingston  
  Allen   Providence  
  Bennett   Boston area  
  Bull   Newport/Middletown  
  Burbank   Plymouth area  
  Charlestown Stone Carver   Charlestown/Boston area  
  Codner   Boston area  
  Coye   Plymouth area  
  Cushman   Plymouth area  
  Emmes   Boston area  
  Ford   Salem  
  Foster   Boston area  
  Fowle   Boston area  
  Fuller   Plymouth area  
  Gaud   Boston area  
  Geyer   Boston area  
  Gilchrist   Boston area  
  Grant   Boston area  
  Harlow   Plymouth area  
  Hartshorn   Providence  
  Hayward   Plymouth area  
  Homer   Boston area  
  Lamson   Boston area  
  Mumford   Boston area  
  Noyes   Boston area  
  Park   Boston area  
  Pratt   Plymouth area  
  Savery   Plymouth area  
  Soule   Plymouth - Worcester areas  
  Stevens   Newport, R I  
  Tingley   Attleborough  
  Tinkham   Plymouth area  
  Washburn   Kingston area  
  White   Boston area  
  19th Century Local Cape Cod
Gravestone Carvers
  Crosby   Orleans, Harwich  
  Faunce   Sandwich  
  Fisher   Yarmouth  
  Hallet   Yarmouth  
  Higgins   Orleans  
  Holmes   Barnstable  
  Hopkins   Orleans  
  Jenks   Dennis  
  Linnell   Orleans  
  Nye   Sandwich  
  Sparrow   Orleans  
  Sturgis   Orleans, Sandwich  
  Thompson   Sandwich  
  Tribble   Brewster  
  Winslow   Brewster  
  Gravestones grouped by style where
carvers mostly have not been identified
  Table Stone Gravestones  
  Sunburst Gravestones  
  Scary Skulls Without Wings  
  Balloon Type Winged Skulls  
  Round Winged Skulls  
  Winged Skulls with Wide Jaw,
No Mouth Mark & No Chin
  Flying Winged Skulls  
  Cherubs with Round Heads &
Flying Winged Heads
  Portrait Gravestones  
  Connecticut Style Sandstone Gravestones  
  Urn and Willow Gravestones  
  Some 19th Century Gravestones
with Styles other than Urn & Willow
  19th Century Obelisk Monuments  
  19th Century Zinc Metal Grave Markers  

Meaning of Gravestone Carved Images
Gravestone Carver Literature References