Allen Carvers

The best sources of information about the Allen carves are articles by gravestone researcher and expert Vincent Luti. See Markers XX (2003) and Markers XXII (2005) published by the Association for Gravestone Studies.

George Allen Sr. (1696 - 1774) emigrated from England to Boston about 1717. After moving to the Providence area he settled outside of Providence in Rehoboth in the Colony of Massachusetts. His home and workshop were about one mile north of Newman Cemetery in what is now the Rumford section of East Providence, R I. Newman Cemetery has the largest collection of his gravestones.

Allen was influenced by the work of John Stevens II of Newport. Many Allen gravestones are similar to Stevens stones. Allen soon replaced Stevens as the major gravestone supplier in the upper Narragansett Bay area. His son Gabriel (1749 - 1824) also was a gravestone carver. His other sons William (1752 - ?) and George Jr. (? - 1764) probably carved a few stones.

The Allens were best known for their winged heads described as cherubic and charming. The heads had upswept eyebrows and almonond shaped eyes. Some had tightly coiled hair and later there was realistic looking hair in bangs. Some had cloak like wings and some had upswept wings.

According to Luti, George Allen Sr.influenced other gravestone carvers including Stephen Hartshorne of Providence, John New of Wrentham and William Throop Sr. of Bristol, R I.

The following gravestones appear to be in the Allen style.

Feare Nye (1774) - Falmouth Cem.
Joseph Crowell (1783) - West Yarmouth Woodside Cem.
Sarah Nickerson (1788) - Harwich Cem.
David Baker (1790) - Dennis Ancient Cem.
Crowell Hallet (1790) - West Yarmouth Woodside Cem.
Horace Nickerson (1791) - Dennis Ancient Cem.
Israel Nickerson (1791) - Dennis Ancient Cem.
Sally Nickerson (1791) - Dennis Ancient Cem.
Marcy Crowell (1793) - West Yarmouth Woodside Cem.
Benjamin Lewis (1793) - West Yarmouth Woodside Cem.
Sarah Lewis (1793) - West Yarmouth Woodside Cem.
Marcy Baker (1795) - Dennis Ancient Cem.
Zenas Crowell (1796) - West Yarmouth Woodside Cem.
Eleazer Nickerson (1796) - South Dennis Congrgational Cem.
Nelley Nickerson (1796) - Dennis Ancient Cem.
Lydia Butler (1798) - Harwich Cem.
Sally Doane (1798) - Harwich Cem.
Joseph Bodfish (1800) - Sandwich Cem.
Elaezer Nickerson (1800) - Dennis Ancient Cem.

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