John Bull - Carver

John Bull (1734 - 1808) was an active stone carver for forty years until he went blind in the 1790's. His work is similar to the Stevens carvers of Newport where he most likely apprenticed. John's sister Anne married one of the Stevens carvers. The gravestones listed below are in the style of John Bull but may have been carved by the Stevens shop. Also see the Stevens stone carvers.

Joseph Crowel (1758) - Falmouth Cem.
Timothy Baker (1760) - Dennis Ancient Cem.
Ruth Sears (1761) - Brewster Sears Cem.
Hannah Sweft (1764) - Falmouth Cem.
Martha Nead (1767) - Falmouth Cem.
Mary Swift (1771) - Falmouth Cem.
Ebenezer Dimuck (1775) - Falmouth Cem.

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