William Coye - Carver

William Coye (1750 - 1816) was born in Bristol, Rhode Island. He possibly was introduced to carving by Stephen Hartshorn of Providence. Coye moved to Plymouth about 1766. In Plymouth he married the sister of Lemuel Savery when Savery was 15 years old. Coye, Savery, Amaziah Harlow Jr and Nathaniel Holmes all were working at the same time in the Plymouth area. Holmes did the inscriptions on Coye markers and learned from Coye. Coye produced some very good life like winged heads such as Elesebath Sears and Martha Holbrook. Anne Bassett has a scary smiling winged skull by Coye. He also produced winged heads such as Joseph Snow very similar to those carved by Lemuel Savery.

Nathanell Hopkins (1766) - Brewster Cem.
Elesebath Sears (1772) - Brewster Sears Cem.
Anne Bassett (1775) - Dennis Cem.
Martha Holbrook (1775) - Wellfleet Cem.
Sarah Hopkins (1775) - Orleans Cem.
Joseph Snow (1775) - Wellfleet Cem.
Ruth Taylor (1776) - Orleans Cem.

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