William Cushman - Carver

William Cushman (1715 - 1768) and his son Noah (1745 - 1818) were Plymouth area carvers. William learned from Nathaniel Fuller and imitated his work. William was a contemporary of Nathaniel Hayward. It is difficult to distinguish the similar work of Fuller, Tinkham, Heyward and Cushman. They all used a local green slate which has shown severe erosion over time. They carved winged skulls and crude winged heads (no teeth showing) which were transitional between winged skulls and the later realistic winged heads or winged portraits. Often the winged heads had unusual mouth marks and unusual wing patterns. Remember Dilingham has a wing pattern of curved lines which was a style used by William Cushman. See Nathaniel Fuller for more information and references.

John Bacon (1731) - Barnstable Cobb's Hill Cem.
Elisha Hall (1747) - Sandwich Cem.
Remember Dilingham (1750) - Sandwich Cem.
Marcy Rider (1765) - Chatham Old Burying Ground
Elezebeth Rider (1766) - Chatham Nickerson Cemetery
Zenas Rider (1766) - Chatham Nickerson Cemetery

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