Stephen Hartshorn - Carver

Stephen Hartshorn (1737 - 1812) and his son Charles Hartshorn (1765 - 1832) were Providence area stone carvers. Stephen was a superior and more active stone carver than Charles. Stephen may have learned from and was influenced by the Stevens carvers of Newport. Stephen may have taught William Coye in Providence before Coye moved to Plymouth about 1765. Stephen produced oval heads with wings high over the head similar to Stevens carvings. The following are in the style of Hartshorn but also are listed under Stevens.

Joseph Crowel (1758) - Falmouth Cem.
Timothy Baker (1760) - Dennis Ancient Cem.
Ruth Sears (1761) - Brewster Sears Cem.
Martha Nead (1767) - Falmouth Cem.
Ebenezer Dimuck (1775) - Falmouth Cem.

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