Nathaniel Hayward - Carver

Nathaniel Hayward (1720 - 1794) was a contemporary of William Cushman in the Plymouth area. They both learned from Nathaniel Fuller and Seth Tinkham and imitated their work. It is difficult to distinguish between the work of Fuller, Tinkham, Heyward and Cushman. Their crude winged heads were transitional between winged skulls and the later realistic winged heads. Often the winged heads had unusual mouth marks and unusual wing patterns. They all used a local greenish slate which has shown severe surface erosion over time. See Nathaniel Fuller and William Cushman for examples of this style of carving.

Kathran Young (1764) - Wellfleet Duck Creek Cemetery
Marcy Rider (1765) - Chatham Old Burying Ground
Zenas Rider (1766) - Chatham Nickerson Cemetery

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