Park Carvers

The Park carvers of the Boston area included William (1705 - 1788) and his sons John (1731 - 1794) and Thomas (1745 - 1806). They carved winged skulls similar to the Lamsons with hooked eyebrow marks connected to the nose mark. They also carved winged heads.

The gravestone of Mary Stone (1790) below is very similar to that of John Cuming (1788) of Concord which probate records indicate was carved by Thomas Park (ref: Gravestone Chronicles II p 326). All the listed gravestones are in the style of Park winged heads including facial characteristics and horizontal wings.

Dorothy Weeks (1778) - Harwich Cem.
Mary Stone (1790) -Dennis Cem.
Phebe Weeks (1793) - Harwich Island Pond Cem.
Martha Hallet (1794) - Yarmouth Cem.
Betsey Killburn (1794) - Provincetown Cem.
Deborah Nikerson (1796) - Harwich Cem.
Nathan Stone (1804) -Dennis Cem.

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