Sturgis Carvers

William S. Sturgis (1772 - 1858), his son Josiah Sturgis (1816 - 1897) and his son in law Jabez M Fisher (1803 - 1879) all carved marble gravestones in the 1800's on Cape Cod. William Sturgis was a major influence on several 19th century marble gravestone carvers located on Cape Cod. Markers XIX (2002) and Markers XX (2003) published by the Association for Gravestone Studies have extensive articles by author and gravestone researcher James Blachowicz concerning 19th century gravestone carvers located on Cape Cod. Most of the following information is the Blachowicz articles.

William Sturgis was born in Sandwich and moved to Lee, MA, at an early age. He and his younger brother Thomas were important marble carvers in Lee for many years. William and his son Josiah moved to Nantucket and then Cape Cod in the 1830's. William was in his 60's at the time. Over a period of a few years William lived and worked in Falmouth, Orleans, Sandwich and Yarmouth.

William Sturgis introduced marble gravestones to Cape Cod. Previously most gravestones were made from slate. Ths Sturgis marble stones usually were decorated with features such as urns, willows, circular panels for inscriptions and quarter rosettes in the corners. Many of the marble gravestones by other carvers were plain with no decorative carving.

William Sturgis' son Josiah operated a stone carving shop in Harwich in the 1830's and in Yarmouth in the 1840's. About 1849 Josiah moved to the West Coast where he became a successful real estate owner.

The following marble gravestones are in the style of William Sturgis. Some of them most likely were carved by some of the dozen or more other 19th century local Cape Cod carvers taught or influenced by Sturgis. These carvers include Crosby, Faunce, Fisher, Hallet, Higgins, Hopkins, Jenks, Linnell, Nye, Sparrow, Thompson and Winslow.

Sarah Eldridge (1803) - Orleans Cem.
Richard Sparrow (1811) - Orleans Cem.
Daniel & Garshom Hall (1820) - Harwich Cem.
Thomas Sparrow (1825) - Orleans Cem.
Priscilla Sherman (1827) - Orleans Cem.
Seth Burgess (1831) - Harwich Cem.
Osborn Snow (1831) - Harwich Congregational Church Cem.
Stephen Burgess (1832) - Harwich Cem.
Theophelus Burgess (1832) - Harwich Cem.
Priscilla Small (1835) & Reubin Small (1833) - Harwich Cem.
Susan Storms (1835) - Bourne Monument Neck Cem.
Susanna Brooks (1836) - East Harwich Evergreen Cem.
Alvin Nickerson (1836) - East Harwich Evergreen Cem.
Azubah Burgess (1837) - Harwich Cem.
Abigail Hopkins (1837) - Orleans Cem.
Walter Baxter (1838) - Barnstable - Hyannis Baptist Church Cem.
Eliza Crosby (1838) - Orleans Cem.
Thomas Snow (1838) - Harwich Cem.
Seth Sparrow (1838) - Orleans Cem.
Obed Barlow (1839) - Bourne Pocasset Cem.
Patience Cash (1839) - Harwich Cem.
Joseph Collins (1839) - Bourne Monument Neck Cem.
Jonathan Freeman (1839) - Orleans Cem.
Anna Nickerson (1839) - East Harwich Evergreen Cem.
Hannah Sampson (1839) - Barnstable - Cotuit Mosswood Cem.
Smyra Eldridge (1841) - South Harwich Cem.
Betsey Nickerson (1842) - South Harwich Cem.
Priscilla Snow (1842) - Harwich Cem.
Bethiah Attwood (1843) - Wellfleet Pleasant Hill Cem.
Joshua P Atwood (1843) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
Sylvia Crocker (1843) - Barnstable - Cotuit Mosswood Cem.
Horace S Crocker (1844) - Barnstable - Cotuit Mosswood Cem.
Rebeccah Doane (1844) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
Joseph R Jones (1844) - South Harwich Cem.
Mehitable Nickerson (1844) - South Harwich Cem.
James Mayo (1845) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
Hezekiah Rich (1845) - Wellfleet Pleasant Hill Cem.
Mary A Rider (1846) - Wellfleet Pleasant Hill Cem.
Priscilla Weekes (1847) - South Harwich Cem.
Mary F Bailey (1848) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
Freeman Nickerson (1848) - South Harwich Cem.
Thankful Eldredge (1849) - South Harwich Cem.
Rebecca Weekes (1849) - South Harwich Cem.
Samuel D Eldridge (1850) - South Harwich Cem.
Joseph B Jones (1850) - South Harwich Cem.
Freeman Horton (1852) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
Elijah E K Cobb (1853) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
Sarah F Cobb (1853) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
Abijah Gill (1853) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
Oliver Eldredge (1855) - East Harwich Evergreen Cem.
Mary A Brackett (1856) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
Sophia Hatch (1857) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
Joseph Myrick (1857) - East Harwich Evergreen Cem.
Huldah Eldredge (1858) - East Harwich Evergreen Cem.
James Higgins (1858) - East Harwich Evergreen Cem.
Abijah Baker (1859) - East Orleans Cem.
Thankful Y Baker (1859) - East Orleans Cem.
Thomas Cobb (1859) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
Lucas Peterson (1859) - Wellfleet Oak Dale Cem.
Jesse Collins (1869) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
Jonathan Snow (1869) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.

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