Bildad Washburn - Carver

Bildad Washburn (1762-1832) of Kingston next to Plymouth was a skilled stone carver. He was assisted by his brother-in-law Bartlett Adams (1776-1828) until Adams left the area about 1800. Their styles are very similar. Washburn may have learned from the Soules of Plympton and he was strongly influenced by Lemuel Savery. Markers XVIII published by The Assocoation for Gravestone Studies contains an informative article about Washburn and Adams by gravestone researcher James Blachowicz. Several of the markers listed below have been identified by Blachowicz as carved by Washburn or Adams.

John Goodspeed (1786) - West Barnstable Cem.
Mary Crosby (1789) - Brewster Cem.
Thomas Gould (1789) - Orleans Cem.
Mercy Goodspeed (1793) - West Barnstable Cem.
Freeman Kingman (1793) - Orleans Cem.
Sarah Freeman (1795) - Orleans Cem.
Eliakim Higgins (1795) - Orleans Cem.
Lucretia Robey & Abigail Sturgis (1795) - Chatham Cem.
Dorcas Shaw (1797) - Eastham Bridge Road Cem.
Jonathan Young (1799) - South Wellfleet Cem.
Philander Shaw (1800) - Eastham Bridge Road Cem.

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