Samuel White Jr

The following information about Samuel White Jr was obtained from feature articles by James Blachowicz in the Association for Gravestone Studies Quarterly Bulletins Vol 26 No 2 Spring 2002 and Vol 26 No 4 Fall 2002.

Samuel White Jr most likely was born about 1780 (exact birth & death dates unknown). He carved gravestones in Boston in the late 1700's and the early 1800's. He probably worked in the John Homer shop along with William Homer and William Bennett. They produced some stones similar to Geyer stones. White carved winged heads, urns and a few winged skulls. The winged heads had hair falling forward and scallop borders on the wings. Many of the heads were narrow. Most of his gravestones are in the Boston area but there approximately 30 in Barnstable County according to Blachowicz. They include some of the more interesting winged heads on Cape Cod.

Following are some of the Cape Cod stones attributed to White by Blachowicz. Many of these stones also are listed on this web site under the Geyer carvers.

Solomon Bangs (1797) - Brewster Cem.
Zeruiah Rich (1801) - Truro Old North Cem.
Huldah Cook (1802) - Provincetown Cem.
John Harding (1802) - Chatham Cem.
Bethia Atkins (1803) - Provincetown Cem.
Isaac Snow Gross (1803) - Truro Old North Cem.
James Hall (1803) - Yarmouth Cem.
Isaiah Mathews (1803) - Barnstable Cobb's Hill Cem.
Hannah Mayo (1803) - Brewster Cem.
Hannah Snow (1803) - Orleans Cem.
Jerusha Young (1803) - Orleans Cem.
Elizabeth Paine (1804) - Truro Old North Cem.
Dorcas Doane Shaw (1804) - Eastham Bridge Rd Cem.
Hannah Mayo (1805) - Brewster Cem.

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