Zinc Metal Grave Markers

These grave markers were produced from about 1875 to 1910. They have an attractive blue gray color. They withstand weathering very well and absolutely no lichen grows on them due to a chemical reaction with the metal. At most only a few will be found in any one cemetery. While somewhat outside the time frame of the web site, a few are included here because of their unique character.

Beneiah G Higgins (1876) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
Seth Hurd (1881) - Orleans Cem.
Isaac B Alexander (1890) - Provincetown Cemetery No 2
Theo K Dill (1890) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
Noah S Higgins (1894) - Wellfleet Oak Dale Cem.
Hanson Thygeson (1896) - Orleans Cem.
Caroline C Sparrow (1903) - Orleans Cem.
Hannah A Dill Paine (1908) - Eastham Evergreen Cem.
James V Bowley (1909) - Provincetown Cemetery No 2
Thomas Lewis (1909) - Provincetown Cemetery No 2
Isaac B Lewis (1912) - Provincetown Gifford Cemetery
George W Readey (1920) - Provincetown Cem. No. 2
Francis P Brewer (?) - Eastham Congregational & Soldiers Cem.

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