Daniel Higgins Jr - gravestone carver

Daniel Higgins Jr (1837 - 1857) was a marble stone cutter in Orleans before he died by drowning at age twenty. His gravestone in Orleans was carved by Oliver Linnell. Higgins most likely learned the trade from Linnell and Thomas Hopkins.

Markers XIX (2002) and Markers XX (2003) published by the Association for Gravestone Studies contain extensive articles by author and gravestone researcher James Blachowicz concerning several 19th century marble gravestone carvers located on Cape Cod. These articles include Daniel Higgins Jr. Many of these 19th century marble gravestone carvers including Higgins, Linnell and Hopkins were influenced by carver William Sturgis.

Follow the link below to carver William Sturgis for photographs of 19th century marble gravestones in the style of Sturgis and the stone carvers he influenced.

William Sturgis - gravestone carver
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