William Mumford - Carver

William Mumford (1641 - 1718) of Boston was a contemporary of The Boston Stonecutter and Joseph Lamson. He taught Nathaniel Emmes. Mumford worked in the late 1600's and early 1700's. He produced gravestones with distinctive side borders containing fruits and gourds. He sometimes carved eyebrows but the eyebrow marks were not connected to the nose as they were on Lamson Carvings. It is difficult to distinguish between Mumford and Emmes carvings. Mumford was married to Ruth Copp. She was the daughter of William Copp who owned Copp's Hill in Boston. Many gravestones by William Mumford can be found in Copp's Hill Burying Ground.

Some old gravestones on Cape Cod in the style of William Mumford are as follows.

Dorothy Rawson (1683) - Barnstable Lothrop Hill Cem
Ezra Perry (1689) - Sandwich
John Prince (1689) - Sandwich
Elizabeth Lathrop (1694) - Barnstable Lothrop Hill Cem
Hannah Huckins (1696) - Barnstable Lothrop Hill Cem
Elizabeth Allyn (1698) - Barnstable Lothrop Hill Cem
Batha Hall (1698) - Dennis Hall Cem
Peter Adolph (1702/3) - Sandwich
Joanna Cotton (1702) - Sandwich
Desire Bourne (1705) - Falmouth
Sarha Hows (1705) - Dennis Howes Cem
John Sunderlin (1705) - Brewster Cem.
Elisha Bourne (1706) - Sandwich
Sarha Hows (1706) - Dennis Howes Cem
Thomas Mulford (1706) - Eastham Cove Cem.
Jonathan Sparrow (1706/7) - Eastham Cove Cem.
Hannah Freeman (1707) - Brewster Cem.
James Gorham (1707) - Barnstable Lothrop Hill Cem
John Chipman (1708) - Sandwich Cem.
Jeremiah Hows (1708) - Dennis Howes Cem
Anna Gray (1709/10) - Brewster Cem.
Amey Hatch (1709) - Falmouth
Ruth Cotton (1710) - Sandwich
John Hall (1710) - Dennis Hall Cem
Thankful Higins (1712) - Eastham Cove Cem.
Hannah Paine (1713) - Truro Cem
Abigall Halet (1715) - Yarmouth Cem
Mary Hamlin (1715) - Barnstable Lothrop Hill Cem.
Jonathan Halet (1717) - Yarmouth Cem
Hannah Stone (1718) - Brewster Cem

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