Table Stone Gravestones

These are large horizontal gravestones supported above ground which provide space for long inscriptions. They generally were used for prominent citizens. Some were installed as memorials many years after the death. These memorials sometimes cover the original gravestone. The horizontal position results in surface erosion making the stones difficult to read.

Thomas Hinckley (1706) - Barnstable Lothrop Hill Cem.
John Gorham (1715) - Barnstable Cobb's Hill Cem.
John Mayo (1725) - Brewster Old Burial Ground
Samuel Hinckley (1727) - West Barnstable Cem.
John Otis (1727) - West Barnstable Cem.
Benjamin Fessenden (1746) - Sandwich Old Burial Ground
John Parker (1774) - Sandwich Old Burial Ground
Phebe Paine (1779) - Orleans Cem.
Edward Bacon (1783) - Barnstable Cobb's Hill Cem.
Isaiah Lewis (1786) - Wellfleet Duck Creek Cem.
David Thacher (1801) - Yarmouth Ancient Cem.
John Bascom (1807) - Orleans Cem.
Oakes Shaw (1807) - West Barnstable Cem.
Titus Winchester (1808) - Sandwich Old Burial Ground
Joseph Otis (1810) - West Barnstable Cem.
Stephen Bassett (1817) - Sandwich Old Burial Ground

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